Similar fish game gambling, Catte is a card game that is loved by many players, appearing in most casinos on the market today. However, not everyone knows how to play Catte, especially those who are new to online betting.

Catte originated in India, then the game was introduced and developed in many countries around the world.

Catte is similar to other card games, the game uses a deck of 52 cards. Each game only needs 2 players to start. However, if you want the game to be stable and more attractive, each game should have from 5 to 6 players participating.

How To Play Catte Online

Catte’s rules are not too difficult, in other words, quite simple. However, if players want to win, they should still know the rules. Currently, bookies are constantly updating with new features in the game, with the desire for players to have the best experience.

A game of Catte needs to go through many rounds, if finished early, it may stop at the 4th round. Catte is done in an anti-clockwise direction.

The first player will choose the card to play, then the second player will also choose the card. If there is no card to follow the round, the 2nd player will face 1 card down, or the player must draw 1 card with the same suit and bigger than the card of the previous player. The next players do this to continue the game. In this round, the player with the highest card will keep that number of cards.

After all players have played cards or face down, the game will end. Then if only 1 player has cards, that person wins. If any player in the rounds does not play any cards, that player will be disqualified from the game.

The 5th round is also known as the show card round. Players who have gone through the previous 4 rounds and still have cards will enter this round. The winner in round 4 is the one who has the right to show the first card. In this round, the player plays 1 card and 1 other card so that the opponent can’t see it. Then the next player will have 2 options:

  • The player can play 1 card in the same suit and get a higher score than the card shown. That player will gain the right to show the card of the previous player.
  • The player can turn the card face down because there are no cards to follow the round. Then the player does not have the right to show the card.

In round 6, the players proceed to turn over the last card. The player who owns the card of higher value, with the same suit as the show card player, will win. The game is over.

Tips To Play Catte Online

  • Understand the rules of the game

Any game has different gameplay and rules. Therefore, if players want to win, they must know the rules of the game, avoid cheating, or make unnecessary mistakes. In addition, players can also deploy their own strategies, bringing the best possible results.

  • Remember the card and know how to guess the card

One of the secrets that longtime players apply is to remember cards. For this game, the player must memorize the cards that have been played, then the player combines the cards in his hand to guess the cards in the opponent’s hand. Thus, players will have a reasonable strategy when participating in the bet, not being suppressed by the opponent.

  • Reasonable money and playing time

Time and money are also factors that determine the player’s victory. Players who consider participating in Catte to make money, placing bets regardless of time and place will affect their lives and health.

In addition, players should not abuse the bet money. Players should stipulate themselves a certain amount when participating in Catte. When the amount reaches the limit of the allowable level, the player should stop, avoid getting bogged down in the game too much, if not empty-handed, lose all bets.

  • Keep a good mentality when playing

Players with a good mentality can definitely bring better results than players with weak mentality. Usually, when new players start betting, they will not be able to control their psychology, which easily leads to losing bets. To become stable, players should practice and gain experience through many matches.


Just now is the basic information about Catte – the card game is quite popular and loved by many players. If players want to join Catte, don’t forget to learn the details of each step and apply the tips at the right time.