Belangkai is a game loved by many players. This game originated in China, appeared quite a long time ago and gradually became popular in many countries. Because the way to join Belangkai is extremely simple, the game is popular with many new players. Currently, Belangkai has appeared on online versions at many online casinos, players are free to join.

If players have a need to play Belangkai and are looking for a favorite website. Players can try the experience at S777 club. This is an online casino that specializes in providing entertainment games in the USA, which is popular with players. When registering to participate at an online casino, players are not only entertained but also receive bets and many other attractive services. Follow the article below if players want to join Belangkai!

What Is Belangkai?

Belangkai is one of the coolest and most attractive dice game genres. It is known that this game originated from China. In the old days, this was a game that was especially loved by the ladies of the aristocracy.

The Basic Rules Of Belangkai

The instrument used in Belangkai is a four-sided dice, each of which corresponds to an image: flower, fish, shrimp and king crab and has a small stick through it. The result after rotating the dice stick will be covered with a small cup. All players need to do is place a bet within 10 seconds. When the time is up, the results will be opened. Those who bet on this result will be the winners.

In addition, when joining Belangkai game, you can also use attractive features, such as double bonuses. In the game there is a special symbol that appears randomly. If the lucky player catches and wins, the player will get a double bonus.

How To Win When Playing Belangkai

Just like other betting games, players can completely win Belangkai if they master the following skills:

  • Know when to stop at the right time, don’t be greedy when winning big and don’t continue to participate after losing many bets continuously.
  • Players plan their finances to control the flow of bets.
  • Players know the buttons, betting boxes to avoid confusion because the bet time is only 10 seconds, if the time is over, the player has to wait for the next bet.
  • Players proceed to check the betting history section to know the odds of winning in the doors.

How To Play Belangkai At S777 Club

To be able to participate in belangkai at online casino, players need to take a few steps as follows:

  • Proceed to login your account right at the main homepage of S777 club. In case players do not have an account, they can create one for themselves by registering an account.
  • In the menu bar displayed on the main screen, the player can choose “E-casino” => “Belangkai”. Finally, click “Demo” to play experience before betting with real money.
  • Before entering the betting room, players need to choose a level suitable for the amount of capital that they can spend.
  • Finally, participate in betting by choosing a bet door and placing chips in the cells that the player predicts. After shaking the dice, the system will quickly pay the player’s bet.


Thus, above is all information about the game Belangkai. This is considered a very attractive game, loved by many players. The rules of the game are also very simple. This game depends mainly on the player’s luck, so it provides suspense and relaxation. Wish players have unforgettable experiences with Belangkai!